Aerial Yoga Teacher Training » Flex Yoga Wooster


****The Aerial Yoga Teacher Training for May 24th-26th has been CANCELLED. Check back here for more information on when the next training will be rescheduled*******

The training is led by Emily Moorefield Mariola, Registered Yoga Teacher, Trained Aerial Yoga Instructor, and Flex Yoga studio owner.

Aerial Yoga, also referred to as anti-gravity yoga, combines traditional yoga poses, pilates, and dance with the use of an aerial hammock. The aerial hammocks are suspended from the ceiling, hold 2000 pounds, and are made of high density nylon fabric. Yoga in the silks can increase body awareness and mindfulness, help build strength and control, and can help build space in the body without compressing the joints and spine. Aerial Yoga can unwind fascial knots, quiet the mind, build core strength, and increase confidence.

All participants will receive a Teacher Training manual and will have a chance to practice teach, work in the silks, ask questions, and address concerns.

Topics include (but are not limited to): warm-ups, conditioning, inversions, aerial tricks, safety and spotting, building a class, sequencing, teaching tips, and care and maintenance of the aerial fabric.

Six months of aerial yoga practice and a teaching certificate in yoga, pilates or barre are highly recommended. Teaching is not a requirement of the training. You can participate in the training to enhance your own personal practice.