Friday – Sunday
October 11th – 13th 2019
151 South Market St. Suite 200
Wooster, OH 44691

Friday, October 11th

6:00 - 7:30pm
$20 single session or $80 for all 3 classes

Join us for an evening of an unforgettable and creative flow focused on transitions and inversions with plenty of arm balances, back bends and hip openers to have you feel your truest potential. This class is taught with modifications and amplifications so all can practice together and is suitable for all levels, from the eager beginner, to the seasoned practitioner. See you on your mats yogis!!!

for the All Levels Flow or all 3 classes

Saturday, October 12th

10:15am - 12:15pm
$35 single session or $80 for all 3 classes

In the All Levels Inversion Workshop we will take a more in-depth look into the techniques necessary for proper alignment in inversions, including forearm stand and handstand, along with different variations in each inversion, such as tuck, straddle and full position. We will also examine the appropriate hand and shoulder placement, torso strength, and leg and hip intelligence necessary for negotiations in inversions.

All movements will be given with modifications and amplifications, so wherever you are in your practice, this workshop will be appropriate for you. There will be plenty of time to workshop personal movement goals, so feel free to bring your personal agenda, or come to explore the endless possibilities.

for the All Levels Inversions Workshop or all 3 classes

Sunday, October 13th

1:30 - 3:30pm
$35 single session or $80 for all 3 classes

In the Intermediate to Advanced Inversions Workshop, students will dive deeper into the inverted asanas and learn: proper hand position, shoulder position and alignment, how to use the core and geometry to float, and how to find your handstand shape, hold it and correct it if need be (re-Balancing). Depending on each student’s skill level we may cover more advanced techniques such as hollowback, press handstand, mobility, and motor skill techniques. This workshop will cover everything from the very basics of hand position and shoulder alignment to the subtle engagements of core work. We will work to discover each individuals truest potential and position them closest to their personal best in handstands. This workshop will include many drill exercises and activities to expose each student to their best way of finding their balance, a subtle and sometimes elusive feeling. Each student will work at their own level working up to their full potential for the day and will be exposed to their next horizon line to see into the future of where their practice is headed to next!!

for the Intermediate to Advanced Inversions Workshop or all 3 classes


Adrian has been passionate about movement his whole life. He has been finding his way in life through practicing many different forms of movement such as martial arts, gymnastics, skating, rock climbing and running. His path eventually led him to a dedicated practice of yoga and hand balancing.

Adrian got into yoga after needing a real life change. He decided to take a chance on a yoga class after hearing about its positive effects on the mind and body. Because of his strong background in rock climbing, he took to the strength and balance aspects of yoga quickly. Finding a real love and challenge in what he likes to call “the architecture of movement”, as it primes and conditions us for all other types of movement, he knew instantly that this was going to be something life changing.After benefiting so much from yoga in mind and body, and feeling first hand the transformational effects on his entire outlook and perspective on life, he felt very called to teach. Adrian received his 200 hour Ashtanga training along with his Rocket teacher certification from Asta Yoga in San Francisco, CA. With the benefit of retrospect, he feels that what we are all searching for is in fact searching for us too.

Adrian’s practice is based on searching for and aspiring to the highest level of potential in himself so that he can share his experiences with each of his students as it pertains to their individual practice. Finding and nurturing each student’s potential is the goal of his teaching philosophy. Adrian’s classes challenge each student to gain more awareness of themselves, and through orchestrating their own alignment students achieve the choreography of seemingly complex movements. Classes are taught in a fun Vinyasa style with lots of modifications and amplifications. This style ensures that students can continuously challenge themselves and grow their own practice within the sequence, achieving their own personal potential.