Reiki Healing Fire Circle Reiki Healing Fire Circle – Flex Yoga Wooster

with Christine Canter

DATE: Friday July 26th
LOCATION: Flex Yoga Orrville
1330 N. Main St. Suite L, Orrville, OH 44667
TIME: 7:00 – 8:15pm
COST: $15


Join Christine, Usiu & Holy Fire Reiki Master, for this special Reiki healing event. Christine will lead you through a guided and healing meditation to promote healing on emotional, mental and physical levels and remove those obstacles that obstruct our lives and daily routines.

Please bring a journal or paper and pen for writing.


I found my way onto my yoga mat after the birth of my second child. I had a regular massage therapist at the time that also offered me reiki. He mentioned to me that my mind and body were disconnected and I should try yoga. So I did! I hated almost every minute of my first yoga class. I was new to these sensations, the movement, the names of the asanas. But what I liked, what I really loved was how enlightened I felt, how I found my own breath, how lifted I felt, how I drank up every bit of intention. I know now that I was feeling the energy from those around me. But even more was I had found a form of personal healing. And I also loved Savasana!

I feel like I was divinely guided onto the path I am on today, from not only yoga teacher training, but also with Reiki. To be able to share parts of my journey to help my students along their way is why I teach yoga. I want my students to feel embodied and empowered in their own skin with who they are today, and give them the tools, the intentions to continue to reach their highest potential on and off the mat