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with Dee Black

DATE: Friday December 14th
TIME: Yoga is 7:00 – 8:00pm, Holiday Treats in the lobby after class!
COST: $15 single session

Join us in celebrating the holiday season! Come for the yoga; namastay for the cookies, cocoa, and eggnog! Wear your tackiest holiday sweater and join Dee for an all-levels flow. Christmas lights will line the studio and we will flow to some of your favorite holiday tunes.


Dee Black

Dee Black, RYT 200, started yoga in 2016, when her friend sent her a link to the Flex Yoga schedule and said, “Let’s go!” By the end of her first class, she experienced a calmness that she hadn’t felt in a long time due to struggles with anxiety. Dee started regularly attending a variety of yoga classes and was hooked. She completed yoga teacher training at Flex in 2018.

Dee’s classes focus on breath and movement, and making the practice of yoga accessible and welcoming for everyone. She believes that you never need to change your body to fit a yoga pose – you change the shape of the pose to fit your body.

Dee lives in Wooster with her husband, Zach, dog-child Scampers, and four cats. She is a high school teacher and a member of several local service groups. In her free time, you can find her in her garden, visiting family, or curling up with a good book.



DATES: Friday & Saturday
Jan. 4th & 5th
COST: $40 Dharma Talk
$70 Align Your Practice
$70 Tristhana Method
$150 for all 3 sessions

photos by @iflilmyoga

Friday, January 4th

6:00 - 8:00pm

Join Authorized Level II teacher, Taylor Hunt, for an evening discussing the philosophy behind the Ashtanga Yoga method. He will share his story and how the practice helped him find his true path. Learn how this transformational and healing practice can work in your life and how to overcome some of the roadblocks along the way. This is an interactive discussion you will not want to miss!

Saturday, January 5th

10:30am - 12:30pm

This course is designed for anyone familiar with the Ashtanga Primary Series that wishes to take their practice to the next level. Participants will learn proper alignment and adjustment techniques to go deeper in the postures with safety and greater awareness. Topics include:
Maintaining and progressing your personal practice, Philosophy of Ashtanga and Mysore-style, Working through and helping to prevent injuries with proper alignment, Reading bodies and learning safe adjustment techniques.

Saturday, January 5th

2:00 - 4:00pm

Come prepared to explore the basis of the Ashtanga method known as tristhana. Tristhana means the three places of attention: breath with bandha (internal energy locks), asana, and dristhi (gazing point). When practiced simultaneously, the tristhana method becomes a tool to steady the mind transforming the physical practice into a moving meditation. In this workshop, we will explore the internal elements of the practice while taking a deeper look at the fundamental poses of the vinyasa sequence.


Taylor  Hunt  is a  devoted  student of  Ashtanga  yoga. He  makes  yearly trips  to Mysore,  India to  further  his studies  at  the  K.  Pattabhi Jois  Ashtanga  Yoga Institute  (KPJAYI)  under the  guidance  of  his  teacher, R.  Sharath  Jois.   In  2013, after  several extended  trips,  Taylor was  granted  Level 2  Authorization  to teach from  KPJAYI  and has  had  the honor  of  assisting in  the  shala in  India  on  two  occasions. Taylor  is  dedicated to  sharing  the healing  practice  with others  by teaching  daily  Mysore  classes at  Ashtanga  Yoga Columbus  and  offering workshops  around the  country.  He  continues  to inspire  others  through his accessible  approach  to the  practice  and story  of  personal transformation  detailed  in his  recently  published book,  A  Way From  Darkness.    Taylor is  also the  director of  the  Trini Foundation  that  brings the  life-changing  practice of Ashtanga  to  those struggling  with  addiction.


with Chrissy Utt

DATES: 5 MONDAYS January 7th – February 4th
TIME: 6:45 – 7:45pm in the Green Room
COST: $65 for all 5 sessions, $15 per single session

Flex Yoga’s 5 week Prenatal Yoga Series will focus on helping mom-to-be maintain a healthy, strong and flexible body in order to prepare for childbirth. Classes will build on the knowledge shared the previous week, making it a wonderful class for beginners or experienced yogis looking to adjust their current practice.

Prenatal clients can expect a gentle yoga class where alignment cues are given to accommodate the physical needs of a pregnant woman, as well as information regarding the benefits of each pose as it relates to pregnancy. Each week women will be provided the chance to deepen their connection with their baby through visualization exercises and meditation techniques. There will also be opportunities to explore different yoga poses and specific breathing techniques that can be useful during labor. Enjoy finding the mental and physical strength and flexibility you never knew you had alongside other expectant women!

Interested individuals are strongly encouraged to sign up in advance.

Flex Yoga reserves the right to cancel if minimum attendance numbers are not met.


Chrissy, RYT 200, has been practicing yoga for nearly 10 years. She credits her practice with helping to maintain a healthy first pregnancy with twins and throughout a second pregnancy a year later. She believes that her yoga practice was instrumental in helping her body heal postpartum and has continued to provide an outlet for dealing with the many emotional and physical demands of motherhood and pregnancy.

While she is passionate about leading expectant mothers in prenatal yoga classes, she also enjoys teaching beginner and vinyasa flow classes. In all of her classes, students can expect playful sequences of postures, emphasis on the breath and meditation and mindfulness techniques woven together to create a true mind, body experience.

When she is not teaching or practicing yoga, Chrissy is a full time special education teacher with an area school district. She enjoys cooking, taking walks with her family, spending time outdoors and reading.

Nurture Your Soul

with Christine Canter

DATE: Friday January 11th
TIME: 7:00 – 9:00pm
COST: $25

Life can often feel complex and overwhelming. It’s easy to feel stuck, blocked or even frantic. Perhaps you’ve tried ways to feel balanced and peaceful, but you still find yourself back to the same difficult feelings and experiences no matter what you try. It’s exhausting! The thought of adding “one more thing” feels impossible. You’re beginning to wonder if change is even possible.

I get it. I’ve been there. I know that change is possible! Join me for a reiki-infused, chakra-focused yoga workshop and invite harmony and balance back into your life. When we work with the movement of energy through our chakras and the healing energy of Reiki, we promote physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. When we settle into restorative resting yoga poses, we soothe our central nervous system, reduce stress, replenish energy, and improve sleep and mental focus.

Yoga is the practice inward to our most essential, true self. As we place our body into postures of receptivity, we allow layers of tension to melt, our busy minds to settle and the complexities of life to fade into the background. During this workshop, we will explore yoga postures to help open the chakras, invite our internal energies to flow, and allow our bodies to absorb the healing vibrations of Reiki. After a discussion on the benefits of opening and balancing our chakras and Reiki, we will move through a chakra-centered yoga practice, followed by restorative yoga and Reiki. Reiki energy will be active throughout the workshop, but some hands on (or hands off if you prefer) healing will be offered during the restorative part of our practice.

Join me on a journey of healing and exploration!


Christine Canter

I found my way onto my yoga mat after the birth of my second child.  I had a regular massage therapist at the time that also offered me reiki.  He mentioned to me that my mind and body were disconnected and I should try yoga.  So I did!  I hated almost every minute of my first yoga class. I was new to these sensations, the movement, the names of the asanas.  But what I liked, what I really loved was how enlightened I felt, how I found my own breath, how lifted I felt, how I drank up every bit of intention.  I know now that I was feeling the energy from those around me.  But even more I had found a form of personal healing. And I also loved Savasana!

I feel like I was divinely guided onto the path I am on today, from not only yoga teacher training, but also with Reiki.  To be able to share parts of my journey to help my students along their way is why I teach yoga. I want my students to feel embodied and empowered in their own skin with who they are today, and give them the tools, the intentions to continue to reach their highest potential on and off the mat.


with Kate Frichtl and Annie Yoder

DATES: Friday December 21st (Sold Out)
Friday January 18th
TIME: 6:30 – 8:30pm
COST: $30
Join Kate Frichtl and Annie Yoder for two hours of  restorative yoga and aromatherapy to help you find rejuvenation. Following the class will be optional social time and refreshments.

We often fill every free moment we have during the day with the next thing on our to-do list, especially over the busy holiday season. When we stop for a few moments, our mind easily races and fills with worries and stress. If we allow our physical and mental selves time to rest, not just when sleeping, it is healing and rejuvenating for our body and mind.We will begin the evening with a few gentle movements, and then settle into intentional restorative poses, held for 4-15 minutes each. There will be options for aromatherapy elements in the class as well. In these postures, the body and the joints are gently supported, to give your mind and body the space to find calm and rest. All props will be provided, but feel free to bring your own pillow and blanket if you would like.

Advanced signup is encouraged.


FullSizeRender (1)

Kate Frichtl

Kate came to yoga 20 years ago, initially seeking to gain strength and flexibility. As her journey progressed, she found it positively impacting all areas of her life, both on and off the mat.  Her regular practice helped her battle anxiety and stress, shaping her into a more mindful person.

As a teacher, Kate’s passion is to guide others in discovering how yoga can positively change their life. In her classes, she links breath with movement through creative sequencing, while encouraging students to find their personal edge. Students will leave her classes feeling physically and mentally refreshed, centered, and open.  Kate is also the Corporate Yoga Program Manager at Flex.  She brings yoga into businesses teaching classes to employees as part of their Corporate Wellness Programs.  She is inspired to lead them on a yoga journey to help reduce stress and increase their productivity in their corporate lives.

Off the mat, Kate loves traveling to adventurous places and creating in the kitchen. On the weekends, you can find Kate with her husband Josh, cheering on their children, Chloe and Jack at the soccer field.

Kate completed the 200 hour RYT training at Flex Yoga Wooster in 2016. She also completed a Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Anne Ondrey in 2017. She is extremely grateful to the other instructors at the studio for the wisdom they continuously impart into her practice.


Annie Yoder

Annie Yoder, RYT 500, is a yogi-musician who grew up in the hills of Holmes County. After spending a few years away for school and AmeriCorps, she found her way back to Wooster and intensified her yoga practice which started in 2006 during college. She completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training through Cleveland Yoga in 2014, and her 300 HR Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (to complete her 500 HR training) in 2017 with Bodhi Yoga Academy. She also completed a Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Anne Ondrey in 2017 and a BalletFitBody Barre Teacher Training with Brian Murphy in 2018. She has attended workshops with many amazing instructors including Irene Pappas, Mackenzie Kozlowski, Adrian McCavitt, Marie-Belle Perez-Rivera, Carson Clay Calhoun, Laura Kasperzak, and more. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Bluffton University and enjoys playing out and writing/recording whenever she can. She is excited about the opportunity of bringing her passions of yoga and music together in collaboration. She enjoys teaching a wide variety of classes from Hot Power Vinyasa Flow to Relaxation Yoga. Her classes blend together creativity of movement with mindful alignment and often many options to amplify or modify the practice. She believes in the power of community, and that everyBODY is unique. Connection and individuality in practice and movement are both important components to be celebrated. In her free time she enjoys hiking, trying new foods, and hanging out with her boyfriend, Jade, their two dogs Oscar and Luna, their one-eyed cat, Moxie, and their rescue Kitty-Key.

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