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with Cathy Roche

DATES: 7 Sundays March 17 – April 28th
TIME: 6:30 – 8:00pm
COST: $15 per single session or $84 for all 7 weeks

As Winter thaws and Spring emerges join us at Flex Yoga Wooster for a 7 week class series to shake off the dormant energy of winter and open the chakras for spring’s new potential.

Starting March 17th through April 28th, Sunday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00pm, Flex Yoga Wooster will be offering a Yoga & Reiki Chakra Spring Reset class.

Reiki is a Japanese energy modality in which the practitioner lays hands on or above the areas of the body to aid in healing. Reiki can help on a physical, mental and spiritual level. When Reiki is combined with Yoga a unique experience of transformation can begin. Yoga helps to loosen the layers which tend to build up during one’s life. It is the sensitive energy between these layers that Reiki helps to move to the mind, body and spirit as it is needed.

Chakras, from the Hindu and Buddhism tradition, is Sanskrit for ‘wheel’. There are seven major chakras that run up the center of the torso and head. They are points that regulate energy flow. When the Chakras are open and in balance Reiki can help move the energy freely to the area most needed.

Each week we will explore some of the various ways to activate, open and balance a chakra including yoga, meditation, reiki, journaling, aromatherapy and more.

Join us for the 7-week series of Yoga & Reiki Chakra Spring Reset.

Attendees will receive a $20 off coupon for a private Reiki Session with Cathy, one coupon given per person.

for the first day of or the full Chakra Series


Cathy Roche

A lifelong dancer and athlete, Cathy Roche was drawn to yoga, meditation, the healing arts, and body work from a young age. A long time teacher of dance, Cathy has instructed students of all ages and all walks of life in ballet, jazz, tap, ballroom, gymnastics, and even break dancing. She has practiced yoga, meditation, and bodywork for most of her life and began her yoga teacher training in 2017. She is enthusiastically devoted to using her knowledge and experience to help others achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle where the body, mind, and spirit are in harmony.
Cathy received her yoga teacher training and aerial yoga teacher training at Flex Yoga in Wooster, Ohio. She was awarded her 200-hour RYT from Yoga Alliance in 2017. She is also trained in Thai Yoga Massage, receiving her Level Two certification from One Love in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica and is also a certified Reiki Practitioner.
Cathy is looking forward to helping others learn and practice the healing arts.
Please contact Flex Yoga to schedule a private consultation with Cathy.


with Cortney Martinelli

DATE: Saturday April 27th
TIME: 5:30 – 7:00pm
COST: $30 per person

Join us for an experience you won’t want to miss. Cortney Martinelli, owner of SHINE and author of best-selling book Love, Reiki, Vibration, will be joining us at Flex Yoga for a 90-minute magical and high-vibing workshop.

Cortney will start the workshop with a short, informative yet playful discussion about Reiki, vibration and chakras. Followed by a magical practice where you’ll get to experience Reiki while indulging in three restorative yoga poses that were specifically designed for receiving the full benefits of Reiki. While beginning to drift into deep relaxation in a candle-lit room, your chakras will be tested in the first pose and your results will be given to you at the end of class with a chart explaining more. Cortney brings additional Reiki trained professionals to her workshops, so everyone will get LOTS of love/Reiki!!

Whether you treat yourself or bring a loved one, this workshop will be one to remember as you learn about and EXPERIENCE the lasting benefits of raising your vibration through the Japanese technique of Reiki.

Learn more about Cortney at



Cortney Martinelli (Reiki Master and CYT), an experienced teacher and trainer for over a decade, has been consistently selling out workshops in Northeastern Ohio for years. She takes esoteric concepts, such as Reiki and vibration, and explains them in a way that resonates with the modern-day wellness warrior. Cortney has shared Reiki with thousands of clients of diverse backgrounds and trained hundreds of students. Before this, she wasn’t a very happy person, in fact, she was pretty miserable. But these dark times led her to radical growth and a personal mission to share happiness and joy with others. There was no roadmap, so she stumbled, she’d fall, and then pick herself back up again. She blindly tried anything and everything to arrive at an imaginary place of peace, joy and happiness. Today, it is no longer imaginary – it is reality. And it’s not by luck or chance, it’s science and she gladly shares her learnings with you.

Cortney is praised and loved by her students and clients, hear what others have to say:

• I finally was able to take a class with Cortney and was star struck! I left the class feeling the best and oh so grounded!

• Cortney is a true light in the community…Her classes are thorough, and her sessions are pure magic.

• Intuitive, nurturing, and full of love is how I would describe Cortney and the work she is doing.

• I am so thankful to have met Cortney, as she’s helped bring so much peace into my life!

• Aside from being a gifted practitioner and thoughtful teacher, Cortney is one of if not the most, positive, inspiring, and uplifting people that I’ve had the good fortune to know.

• As a teacher, it’s clear that Cortney is genuinely passionate, and she presents her material in a way that’s approachable, accessible and engaging.


with Steven Power

DATE: Saturday May 4th
TIME: 5:00 – 5:45pm
COST: $10 per person


Steve has combined the healing properties of Clear Quartz Crystal with the shapes of the Pyramid, Platonic Solids (Cube, Icosahedron, Tetrahedron, Octahedron and Dodecahedron) and the Merkaba (Star Tetrahedron). He has used Crystal Shapes in both group and individual sessions of Sound Meditation and Sound Therapy.
Tibetan singing bowls are used at the start of every session to bring the participant into a calm, more peaceful state, ready to receive the energies from the Crystal Shapes. The sounds from the Crystal Shapes will be introduced gradually in order to give the participant time to adjust to the higher energies.
Steve will select specific Shapes to use for each person based upon his intuitive guidance. Various sizes of Quartz Crystal Pyramids are combined with specific Platonic Solids and the Merkaba to produce wonderful sounds.
Once the session is over, the participant will be allowed sufficient time to process the received energies.
Possible results:
An immediate shift in energy upon first listening to the sounds.
Stimulation of positive thoughts and release of negativity.
A removal of all tension.
Enhanced creative thoughts.
Chakras opening up for expansion of consciousness.
Deep state of meditation.



Friday – Saturday
May 31st & June 1st

Ashtanga Led Primary Series and Discussion
Friday, May 31st

6:00 - 8:00pm
Donation Based ~ all donations will go to the Trini Foundation
Suggested Donation $20

Join Abi for a Led Primary Series Ashtanga practice with a discussion after. All donations from this class will go to the Trini Foundation. The Trini Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the life-changing practice of Ashtanga yoga to those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. It’s their mission to provide yoga as a tool to aide in the recovery process and help those who are suffering maintain long-term sobriety.

To learn more about the Trini Foundation visit their website at:

for the Ashtanga Led Primary Series and Discussion

Abi Lynne Mysore Ashtanga
Saturday, June 1st

7:00 - 10:00am
$25 or $80 for all Saturday sessions with Abi

Join Abi Lynne for a Mysore-style Ashtanga class. Students will receive individual guidance and work at their own pace. Practice runs for three hours but you are not required or expected to be there for the whole time. These flexible hours allow you to show up when it is right for you and stay just for the length of your practice. You can arrive anytime between 7-10am to begin your series but make sure you leave enough time to complete your practice by 10am.

for Mysore Ashtanga or all Saturday sessions with Abi

Back-bending with Strength
Saturday, June 1st

10:30am - 12:30pm
$35 for a single workshop or $80 for all Saturday sessions with Abi

In this workshop, we will unlock key components to approaching backbends with strength and ease. Students will learn how to approach backbends in a safe way by learning what to engage and release in order to create opening without pain. We will work through a series of exercises, techniques, and breathwork in order to tap into strength in the core and spine. Students can expect to work through basic poses in Second Series of Ashtanga yoga and building up to Urdhva Danurasana and even standing up and dropping back.

for one workshop or all Saturday sessions with Abi

Transitions and Inversions
Saturday, June 1st

2:30 - 4:30pm
$35 for a single workshop or $80 for all Saturday sessions with Abi

In this workshop we will break down the steps of lifting up and jumping back, finding float in sun salutations, floating forward and back, handstands and arm balances. We will go over the more difficult transitions in Primary and Secondary, as well as the importance of using the timing of breath and accessing bandhas.

for one workshop or all Saturday sessions with Abi



What began as a way to increase physical flexibility and strength to support my love of climbing, evolved into a practice to support mental, physical and emotional health to heal from trauma. I began taking my yoga practice seriously in 2013 while living in Atlanta, Georgia and completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2014 in the hatha style of yoga influenced by Anusara method from Neda Honarvar at Tough Love Yoga in Atlanta Georgia. From there I practiced and taught in Atlanta then Chattanooga, teaching mostly in climbing gyms.

In 2016, looking for more for my practice, I stumbled into the Mysore room at Yoga Landing in Chattanooga Tennessee. Immediately I fell in love with the method and the structure it provided. After pursuing it with passion, I began assisting the Mysore program at Yoga Landing after studying with Authorized Level II Teacher of Ashtanga Yoga, Taylor Hunt. With the support of my teacher, my practice and teaching blossomed, and I eventually moved to Columbus Ohio to grow my studies. Here I apprenticed under Taylor Hunt at Ashtanga Yoga Columbus, and learned how to support and grow not only my own practice, but also learned how to support others. I helped to grow a community, (local and worldwide), build and grow a brand, and teach a Mysore program.

In August 2018, I made my first trip to Mysore India to study with Paramguru Sharath Jois, the grandson of Pattahbi Jois, to study at the source. Currently, I teach at local drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Columbus and at local studios around town. I am also working through Third Series of Ashtanga (or Advanced A).

By focusing on others strengths, I thrive on helping others grow and succeed by helping them see what is possible for themselves – whether it be in their practice or their life outside of practice. I offer a wide range of support: including teaching one on one (in person or remotely via video chat), small groups, workshops, helping others with personal or program branding, goal setting, social media management, and community building.



Saturday – Sunday
September 14th & 15th

Intermediate/Advanced Arm Balances & Inversions
Saturday, Sept. 14th

10:30am - 12:30pm
$35 for a single workshop or $90 for all 3 workshops

This two-hour workshop is dedicated to 7 arm balances that require certain hip flexibility and body awareness.

Prerequisites (Should feel comfortable in these positions):
Pincha (stag or scorpion)
Padmasana (Lotus)
Pigeon Pose

Workshop includes:
20-minute flow targeting the hips, lower back, and shoulders
Arm balance breakdown of:
Flying Pigeon
Flying Crow and Airbaby prep
Peacock Pose and QDR
Pincha Tuck Hollowback
Downdog Float to Chaturanga
Students request

for Intermediate/Advanced Arm Balances & Inversions workshop or all 3 workshops

Float and Fly 101
Saturday, Sept. 14th

2:00 - 4:00pm
$35 for a single workshop or $90 for all 3 workshops

This 2 hour workshop is dedicated to help beginners or advanced practitioners in the art of floating! Strength and conditioning techniques will be incorporated to help you fly safely.

The workshop will begin with a 15-20 min. flow to warm up.

We will go over proper alignment and muscle engagement for:
DownDog to Malasana
Crow vs. Crane
Crow to Plank/Chaturanga
Lolasana/Scale Pose
Handstand Basics (proper kick-up and use of wall)

We will discuss and practice the following tools to acquire strength and compression:
Importance of Mula and Uddiyana Banda
Drills for range of motion
Difference between forward press and side press
How to get the most out of your forward fold for compression

for Float and Fly 101 or all 3 workshops

Handstand Bootcamp
Sunday, Sept. 15th

10:00am - 12:00pm
$35 for a single workshop or $90 for all 3 workshops

A 2 hour intensive handstand drills and skills inversion workshop.

for Handstand Bootcamp or all 3 workshops

Youth Breakdancing Ages 12-18
Sunday, Sept. 15th

2:00 - 3:30pm

Former professional break dancer, Miraj will be offering a 90 min. intro to breakdancing workshop for teens ages 12-18.

for Youth Breakdancing


Miraj started off early in his youth as a competitive break dancer, traveling and competing internationally for over ten years. Seven years ago, during the end of his dancing career, he fell in love with hand balancing after watching his first circus performance live. Since then, he has devoted his life to balancing and incorporating the limbs of yoga beyond the physical practice.



Friday – Sunday
October 11th – 13th 2019

Friday, October 11th

6:00 - 7:30pm
$20 single session or $80 for all 3 classes

Join us for an evening of an unforgettable and creative flow focused on transitions and inversions with plenty of arm balances, back bends and hip openers to have you feel your truest potential. This class is taught with modifications and amplifications so all can practice together and is suitable for all levels, from the eager beginner, to the seasoned practitioner. See you on your mats yogis!!!

for the All Levels Flow or all 3 classes

Saturday, October 12th

10:15am - 12:15pm
$35 single session or $80 for all 3 classes

In the All Levels Inversion Workshop we will take a more in-depth look into the techniques necessary for proper alignment in inversions, including forearm stand and handstand, along with different variations in each inversion, such as tuck, straddle and full position. We will also examine the appropriate hand and shoulder placement, torso strength, and leg and hip intelligence necessary for negotiations in inversions.

All movements will be given with modifications and amplifications, so wherever you are in your practice, this workshop will be appropriate for you. There will be plenty of time to workshop personal movement goals, so feel free to bring your personal agenda, or come to explore the endless possibilities.

for the All Levels Inversions Workshop or all 3 classes

Sunday, October 13th

1:30 - 3:30pm
$35 single session or $80 for all 3 classes

In the Intermediate to Advanced Inversions Workshop, students will dive deeper into the inverted asanas and learn: proper hand position, shoulder position and alignment, how to use the core and geometry to float, and how to find your handstand shape, hold it and correct it if need be (re-Balancing). Depending on each student’s skill level we may cover more advanced techniques such as hollowback, press handstand, mobility, and motor skill techniques. This workshop will cover everything from the very basics of hand position and shoulder alignment to the subtle engagements of core work. We will work to discover each individuals truest potential and position them closest to their personal best in handstands. This workshop will include many drill exercises and activities to expose each student to their best way of finding their balance, a subtle and sometimes elusive feeling. Each student will work at their own level working up to their full potential for the day and will be exposed to their next horizon line to see into the future of where their practice is headed to next!!

for the Intermediate to Advanced Inversions Workshop or all 3 classes


Adrian has been passionate about movement his whole life. He has been finding his way in life through practicing many different forms of movement such as martial arts, gymnastics, skating, rock climbing and running. His path eventually led him to a dedicated practice of yoga and hand balancing.

Adrian got into yoga after needing a real life change. He decided to take a chance on a yoga class after hearing about its positive effects on the mind and body. Because of his strong background in rock climbing, he took to the strength and balance aspects of yoga quickly. Finding a real love and challenge in what he likes to call “the architecture of movement”, as it primes and conditions us for all other types of movement, he knew instantly that this was going to be something life changing.After benefiting so much from yoga in mind and body, and feeling first hand the transformational effects on his entire outlook and perspective on life, he felt very called to teach. Adrian received his 200 hour Ashtanga training along with his Rocket teacher certification from Asta Yoga in San Francisco, CA. With the benefit of retrospect, he feels that what we are all searching for is in fact searching for us too.

Adrian’s practice is based on searching for and aspiring to the highest level of potential in himself so that he can share his experiences with each of his students as it pertains to their individual practice. Finding and nurturing each student’s potential is the goal of his teaching philosophy. Adrian’s classes challenge each student to gain more awareness of themselves, and through orchestrating their own alignment students achieve the choreography of seemingly complex movements. Classes are taught in a fun Vinyasa style with lots of modifications and amplifications. This style ensures that students can continuously challenge themselves and grow their own practice within the sequence, achieving their own personal potential.

Keep an eye out here for more events coming up as we update this page frequently.